What makes a good kids menu?

What makes a good kids menu?

When it comes to going out for dinner, it can be tricky to find something for the kids to eat. For parents, it’s important to have a good kids menu so that their children can have a meal that is both healthy and enjoyable. But what makes a good kids menu?

Healthy Choices

At the top of the list should be healthy choices. Kids menus should include options that are low in sugar, fat and sodium. Many restaurants now offer healthier options like grilled chicken and steamed vegetable options. Parents can be sure their children are getting a meal that’s good for them, while still being enjoyable.

Kid-Friendly Portions

In addition to offering healthy options, kids menus should also provide kid-friendly portions. Kids have smaller stomachs, so it’s important to offer portions that are appropriate for their age and appetite. Parents will appreciate not having to worry about their children eating too much, or being too full for dessert.


Variety is also key when it comes to creating a good kids menu. Parents and kids alike can become bored with the same old choices. To keep them interested, the menu should offer a variety of items, from sandwiches to salads to pastas, and more. This way, there’s something for everyone.

Affordable Prices

Another important factor when it comes to a good kids menu is affordability. Kids meals should be priced in a way that won’t break the bank. Parents should be able to provide their children with a healthy and enjoyable meal without spending an arm and a leg.

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Fun Factor

A good kids menu should also have a fun factor. Restaurants can offer items that are shaped like animals or characters, or even offer coloring pages or crayons. This will keep the kids entertained while they wait for their food to arrive.

Allergy-Friendly Options

Finally, a good kids menu should include allergy-friendly options. Many restaurants now offer gluten-free, dairy-free and peanut-free options, which can be a lifesaver for families with children who have allergies. This way, everyone can enjoy a safe and enjoyable meal.

When it comes to creating a good kids menu, it’s important to consider factors like health, portion size, variety, affordability and fun. By offering these elements, restaurants can ensure that their kids menus are both healthy and enjoyable for all.

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